• BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor Beta For OS 7.1 Users Only Sign Up Now Available

    The BlackBerry Beta Zone has rolled out a new program for BlackBerry users on OS 7.1 to test out the Application Resource Monitor. The program will start off with v1.0.0.29 and requires you sign up first.

    From The Beta Zone:

    The Application Resource Monitor is a service that will monitor third party applications to watch for background system resource abuse (which causes accelerated battery depletion) and will automatically close these applications.

    The BlackBerry OS has always offered a true-multitasking environment for third party applications. Previously, applications that abused system resources could not cause catastrophic impacts to battery life, but with our new, high performance hardware platform, this is no longer the case. A ‘rogue’ application can cause the system to stay at full speed even while in the background (i.e.: the BlackBerry Bold CPU could be maxed at 1.2GHz by an app the user has put in the background).

    Users will be notified of abuse via the notification banner and can ignore (whitelist) any specific applications they want to exempt from the monitoring service or alternatively, disable automatic shutdown and just be alerted with the option to shut down the application (if still abusive)."

    In order to sign up as a tester you must provide your email address at the link below. From the point on, you will be emailed with the next steps to follow.

    Again, this is ONLY for OS 7.1. Ideally running or higher (can update your BlackBerry Device OS at www.blackberry.com/update or by checking our forums for your device's latest available OS)

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