• BlackBerry App World For Work Screenshots On BlackBerry 10

    During the BlackBerry Jam Americas keynote we were told about how BlackBerry Balance would be able to help separate work from play within each individual BlackBerry device. This means separating apps downloaded and used at work, from apps a user would use in their non-work related personal life.

    We got a hold of a couple screenshots that show a bit of what App World for Work will look like on BlackBerry 10. And as you can see, I have two App World apps installed on my BlackBerry 10 device. One for personal, one for business.

    This just goes to show that RIM is definitely hard at work in bringing this feature to the BlackBerry business/personal user. Something that we don't see on any other platform.

    The screenshot below is of the App World for Work app once it is open. More to come...

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