• BlackBerry App World Category Changes And New Additions

    App World vendors have received an email today from RIM which outlines a few changes and additions in how App World categories will be laid out. Check them out below!

    They key category changes and additions include:

    • News: The News category has been expanded to include magazines. This category is now called News and Magazines and includes Blogs as a subcategory.
    • Beta: The Beta category is discontinued. The apps located the Beta category have been moved to relevant categories.
    • Reference and eBooks & Education: The Books and Reference category has been divided in to separate categories so that these are now individual categories respectively. The Reference category includes Education. This new category is Education & Reference.
    • Shopping: The Shopping category has been renamed Lifestyle.
    • Maps & Navigation: The Maps & Navigation category now includes Travel and has been renamed Navigation and Travel.
    • Music Creation (*NEW*): There is a new subcategory Music Creation available under the Music and Audio category.
    • Children’s Categories (*NEW*): There are two new children’s focused categories:
      • New Children’s Games category within the Games Channel
      • New Children’s Books subcategory within the Books category

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