• BlackBerry App Makes UK Police More Accountable

    A pair of UK developers have made an impact in the UK by creating an app that allows recipients of Stop and Search to report on the officers that have conducted the search through their mobile device.

    When seeing the effects that police practice had on their local South London community, Aaron Sonson, 26, and Satwant Singh, 27, decided that they would work to create a way for the public to report having a negative experience.

    The app allows a user to upload the police officer's ID number which eventually creates a map that gives users a chance to read about experiences within a 10-mile radius.

    The app developers were helped by Research In Motion and received a grant from UnLtd to allow them to create a prototype that was launched on BlackBerry handsets in April 2012. Since then it has also been developed for iPhone and Android handsets.

    Within the first few months the app received more than 2500 downloads and has even gained the support of Scotland Yard.

    Source: The Voice

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