- BlackBerry App Generator Apps Will Update Automatically For BlackBerry 10 Compatibility
  • BlackBerry App Generator Apps Will Update Automatically For BlackBerry 10 Compatibility

    During my adventure in creating my first app (BBOS Mobile App) with the new BlackBerry App Generator, I ran into a nice piece of news... Any app that is created using the App Generator, will automatically be updated to support the BlackBerry 10 OS! A new version of your app will automatically be produced and submitted. That means you don't have any extra work to perform in order to get that BlackBerry 10 compatibility in App World. Sweet!

    For those who don't know yet, the App Generator is created by developer group, Mippin, and is
    a self compiling app interface that allows you to create your own app without the knowledge or skill of developing. Simply change a few colors, upload a few images and add a some links to your content - and voila! - you now have a app ready for submission to your App World vendor account.
    During the process of creating my first app I had a few questions. With a bit of jumping around, and the help of John from, I was put in touch with the
    Creative Director and co-founder of Mippin, David Mannl. Fist off, let me say that David is a class act individual. He answered all of my questions, as well as lending his ear to any feedback that I had about the App Generator. It was during our conversation that David told me the great news of automatic app compatibility updates to BlackBerry 10. I have no doubt that with David behind the wheel, that the BlackBerry App Generator is going to be a huge success within the BlackBerry community. Also, check out a video interview of David taking about BlackBerry 10 at BlackBerry World 2012.

    The App Generator portal is currently by private access only, but it should be public beta in the next month or so. We'll be the first to let you know when it happens. You can find out more info and get signed up for an early invite at the App Generator website here. In the meantime, be sure to get the BBOS Mobile App to see how well it functions!

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