• BlackBerry Announces The BlackBerry Fan of the Month For July 2012

    It's that time again to unite together as #TeamBlackBerry and get behind the official BlackBerry Fan of the Month! This month's winner, Kimberly - @kmcooley, is a very engaging BlackBerry fan. She is known for putting a lot of passion and energy into the #TeamBlackBerry community. Just what you would expect of the fan of the month! Mitchell from the Inside BB Blog is behind the interview with Kimberly, and here is a little snippet on what he has to say about her...

    Calling Kimberly a heavy BlackBerry smartphone user would be an understatement. Throughout the conversation she told me stories about how she would always have her BlackBerry handy -- from using it to save a conference call during an electrical blackout to how she converted her co-workers to #TeamBlackBerry, and more fun stories below.
    Let's give Kimberly a big congratulations as our BlackBerry Fan of The Month for July and be sure to check out the full interview via the Inside BB Blog. And don't forget to follow her on Twitter, @kmcooley.

    PS. As always, we have to give a shout out to our team members JT (@AgentBlackBerry) and Brian (@Newshutr) for being rewarded previous FOTM's for January and June.

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