• BlackBerry Already Complying With New Indonesian Phone Parts Ruling

    Indonesian government, in an attempt to bolster the country's cell phone parts manufacturing revenue, passed a law requiring all cell phone makers to use Indonesian cell phone parts for their devices. Well, 30% of the parts in the phones that is. Turns out BlackBerry has been doing this since 2008.

    [BlackBerry chief legal officer Steve] Zipperstein added that BlackBerry also ran a Global Application Vetting Center in Denpasar, Bali, where over 100,000 applications found on the BlackBerry World App Store had been tested, developed and processed since 2011, with 5,000 of the apps for the BlackBerry 10 developed by Indonesians. Around 1,500 Indonesian developers have contributed to the global app vetting process.

    “My firm belief is that BlackBerry has already exceeded the requirements of the government’s law. By doing so, jobs are being created and the point of the law itself is to provide economic opportunities [to Indonesians]. Therefore, we have been doing that and we will continue to do so in the future,” Zipperstein told The Jakarta Post in an interview on Tuesday.
    That's great news for BlackBerry's international relationships and really speaks volumes to their willingness to go the extra mile to continue supporting their investors and other interested parties.

    Further in the article, Zipperstein expounded on Indonesian's concern for security and how choosing BlackBerry quells their concerns for privacy and security as well. No surprises there.

    It also looks like Samsung is just now getting the ball rolling by opening up a factory there. No news from Apple on their plans to meet the 2017 deadline though.

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