• BlackBerry Advertising In India, Helping The Z3 Sell Out?

    The Z3 is a huge seller in India, so much in fact that the stock has sold out in India within a few days of launch. Sales still remain strong and maybe advertising is a big part of the Z3's success in India. Advertising by BlackBerry is something rarely seen, making it akin to spotting Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. Things may be changing for the better.

    Fellow BlackBerry user and a BBM friend of mine, Gaurav Muley who lives in India, spotted this billboard ad near Mumbai International Airport. He was considerate enough to snap a photo and send it to me. He wanted us to know that BlackBerry is indeed showing the Z3 off and advertising it. It's something as BlackBerry users, we've all scratched our heads about the lack of in recent years. Hopefully we will see this trend continue with more and more advertising.
    Source: Gaurav Muley

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