• BlackBerry 9720 Shown Off In Video Rocking A New Lockscreen

    Aside from all the A-Series goodness we've seen recently, another BlackBerry device is in the works. As you already know, the BlackBerry 9720 should be making its way into emerging markets this year, and aside from the leaked pictures, we're now getting a couple of videos that show off some new BBOS features.
    One of the things that jumps right out at us is how the lockscreen on this 9720 works, and how much it resembles BlackBerry 10. It even has a little camera icon for quick access on the right hand side.

    While some reports have hinted at the 9720 packing BlackBerry OS 7.1, we've been told this device would be coming with 7.2 instead. Could this lockscreen, and added features point to 7.2 instead? Only time will tell!

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