• BlackBerry 10 Will Be The Key To Getting Home In the Near Future, Literally

    Something that still pains BlackBerry10 users is the lack of a certain flavor of apps. Browsing my twitter feed this morning I saw a the above tweet that caught my eye. It got me thinking, what is UniKey, and why doe people want it to come to BlackBerry10? After doing a little bit of research, it all became clear as day.

    BlackBerry in the past has posted some enticing videos of what their view of the future is, and alongside with that, keyless entry into your home is one of those things you only see in futuristic movies that is actually closer to reality than you think. At CTIA in Vegas this year, UniKey demoed their keyless entry solution based on bluetooth connectivity in partnership with Kwikset and Weiser lock makers. With your phone in your pocket all it takes is a touch of the lock to gain entry into your home. Especially useful if you are getting home with a bag of groceries. Its really awesome to see that companies are beginning to think outside of the norm and are embracing BlackBerry10.

    Of the features UniKey offers, is the ability to share keys with other people. You might get all 1984 on me, but this is actually really useful. Imagine this scenario. You have to leave out of town on an emergency and you forgot your prescription medications but your sister in law can mail them to you. You could just send her a copy of your keys to get in and out that one time, she'd be a life saver. Another example would be for a time based entry for a caregiver to only be able to have access during the time when the service is being provided.

    In any case, it is definitely exciting that UniKey is taking BlackBerry 10 into consideration from the get-go and not as an after thought. Either way, check out the video below and let us know what your thoughts are about keyless entry in the comments.

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