• BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK Linux Packager Now Available

    It has always been a tricky game when it comes to RIM and their application support for Linux users. While its fit to say that the vast majority of RIM's clientele are using Windows or Mac based computers, there are however, a select few that choose to use Linux as their primary operating system. Most of the time it's either hit or a miss when it comes to providing applications to users that are not on the majority OS platform. However, RIM did release their BB10 Native SDK for Linux, and has done an outstanding job creating an easy to use yet powerful development platform called WebWorks.

    The BB10 WebWorks SDK Linux Packager project, started with BBOS member badtoyz, who saw the need for a WebWorks application packager for the Linux Operating System. This immediately sparked my attention as I am an avid Linux user, and wanted to see more options for developers who choose to use Linux as their primary OS. The results were a few days worth of sifting and shuffling through some code and testing on various flavors of Linux distributions, to finally having a fully signed application waiting to be tested.

    The port is based on BB10 WebWorks SDK version that is currently available for download for the Mac and Windows. As with any new application there are bound to be some bugs or fixes, so please let us know in the forums any issues/fixes that you find.

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