• BlackBerry 10 Texas Hold'em King Users Can Now Play With Their iPhone Friends!

    The guys from Magmic have just let us know that they've launched Texas Hold'em King on iTunes late last night. Now BlackBerry 10 users will be able to invite their friends with iPhones and iPads to join a private table and play Texas Hold'em King!

    Texas Hold'em King has been a staple on BlackBerry devices for 10 years, and it just keeps on getting better. For those who don't know about the latest BlackBerry 10 version, check out our video we made with Phil and Troy while at BlackBerry World this last May.

    All BB10 users have to do to invite their iOS friends is... CREATE TABLE & INVITE FRIENDS --> EMAIL INVITE --> EMAIL THE LINK TO YOUR FRIENDS --> HIT PLAY

    Z10 & Q10 users can still play with other BB10 users through BBM, NFC or Email. THK will be available for Android users soon as well.

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