- Is A BlackBerry 10 Tablet On The Horizon In 2015?
  • Is A BlackBerry 10 Tablet On The Horizon In 2015?

    Let's face it. The BlackBerry PlayBook, while beloved by most BlackBerry fans, was a failure. BlackBerry's first foray into the tablet market was doomed from the start. Delays, a tiny group of developers, lack of BlackBerry 10 update and no marketing dealt the PlayBook a swift death.

    So, is BlackBerry really considering another tablet?

    The answer, surprisingly is yes. It appears that BlackBerry and their newly invested in company NantHealth, are working together on a health related smartphone for the medical industry but this phone would also be available for the on the street consumer. Not just a phone is being considered though. A BlackBerry tablet is being mulled over as well.

    In a one on one interview with N4BB, John Sims, President of Enterprise at BlackBerry, said that a tablet is not out of the question. "We see value in a tablet and I can tell you that John Chen REALLY likes the idea of a tablet.”

    With the collaborative efforts between BlackBerry and NantHealth, the BlackBerry tablet made for the healthcare industry would definitely be an industry benefit. With the strictest of security and BlackBerry technology leading the way, the prospects of the profitability of an industry tablet are strong. Making the tablet available to consumers, especially with it running BlackBerry 10 would be a hit with consumers, provided that it had the apps behind it and it was marketed correctly.

    So, what are your thoughts, dear reader? Would a BlackBerry tablet running BlackBerry 10, provided it was made available to consumers, be a must buy? Would you need the addition of an Android store in the OS to help seal the deal? What would you pay? What would the price point need to be to entice you?

    Let us know in the comments below!!

    Source: N4BB

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