• BlackBerry 10 Skype Icons Found In Recent Dev Alpha OS

    So far we have seen some leaked BlackBerry 10 promo images come out of the most recent OS release for the Dev Alpha device. After I extracted all of these images from the OS myself, I noticed that Skype icons were present in the same format as some of the other BlackBerry 10 icons.

    What does this mean? Well, it would be silly for RIM to add the icons to the OS, unless, BlackBerry 10 was to receive Skype. But let's not jump the gun here. We know that Verizon subscribers with BlackBerrys already have Skype service - minus video chatting capabilities. So this could simply mean that only Verizon subscribers will continue to be the only BlackBerry users with Skype. I've talked about this before, and how RIM needs to open up the monopoly on Skype that Verizon holds.

    Either way, we already have ooVoo coming to BlackBerry 10. Couple that with BBM Video Chat and FaceFlow Video Chat, and Skype won't have that same sought after luster anymore.

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