• Is This The BlackBerry 10 A-Series With A 4.65" Screen?

    The more and more pictures I see of the A-Series, the more I'm liking its look. These latest shots were taking by @nvthanh1994 and posted on Twitter for our enjoyment. They show off a little more of what we've already seen in previous leaked pictures, but also a little more.

    The big difference from this device that's pictured here, and the A-Series we've seen caught on video, is that the latter one had a extra row of icons (5 in total vs the 4 pictured here). This leads us to believe this picture could be of the A-Series that's packing a smaller 4.65" display that's also being tested, and not the 5" variant, as BlackBerry are still testing two different screen sizes.

    The Aristo may not have a removable battery at all either, like the Q5. This particular device also looks like it's one solid piece, with the back plate being stuck permanently there.

    Obviously it's all speculation until we get an actual device announcement and confirmation. However, that does present the question, would you prefer the A-Series come equipped with a 5" display, or a 4.6" one? Would you prefer it feel more solid and not have a removable back, or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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