• BlackBerry 10 And Robert Rodriguez - Create A Monster For Act 3

    Acclaimed filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, Desperado, Spy Kids, Sin City) has been busy with Phases 1 and 2 of his BlackBerry Keep Moving Project over the past couple of weeks. So far there has been a casting call and a Twitter brainstorm to help create the action-packed short film called "Two Scoops," a story about twin girls who run an ice cream truck and just happen to be giant monster hunters in their spare time.

    Phase 3, which runs through April 17​th, calls for fans to use their imagination to help design a monster. The images can be sketched or computer generated but must be original and can be submitted via the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub. Fans can also still submit photos of themselves for the Missing Persons posters.

    "I’m setting up a situation for people to contribute by filling in the blanks. That’s what the actors have to do, that’s what my crew has to do and that’s what the audience is doing for this film,” commented Rodriguez in Episode II of his documentary about the project. “So many people have written to me asking: ‘Can you read my script?’ or ‘Can you watch my short film?’ or ‘Can I come act in your movies?’ Well, now is their chance. When you bring many different creative minds together, magic is going to happen - you just know it will."
    Check out the video below for more on Act 3:

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