• On BlackBerry 10? Prepare To Lose Your BBM Chat History

    I've just discovered something disturbing on my Z10. I don't think that I can save the BBM chats. I know that there is an setting to "Save Chat History" on the BBM options screen, and I have that enabled. But there's a bigger problem.

    I'm in a chat with a friend, and every time I send a message to him, a line disappears from the top of the chat. Every time I receive a message the screen jumps to the top of the chat again, and another line disappears. It appears that BBM on BlackBerry 10 will not keep your chats indefinitely.

    I feel that I'm in a tech version of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!

    This wouldn't be much of a problem if BBM saved chats like on BlackBerry 7. On the classic handsets, your chat history would be saved onto the file system on your device or the SD card.

    But now we have no option to export the chat. We can't save onto SD card, and if you try to copy or email the chat, you will only get the last few lines.

    It seems that for those of us who always kept our chats in BBM, that option is now gone. So please, BlackBerry - for those of use that need to remember what we've said. Those agreements made months before, those soppy messages to our loved ones, those jokes that made us laugh - we need it all. We need it forever.

    Bring back this lost feature.

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