• The BlackBerry 10 Phone Ahead Of Schedule and Colorful

    It has been confirmed by the fine folks over at N4BB.com, that the much anticipated BlackBerry 10 phone is ahead of schedule. The phone, who's launch, has been rumored to be in October, may possibly be released earlier than October. Makes a September launch sound fantastic, doesn't it? Or dare to dream...a late August release. I'm not getting my hopes up for August but September for a device release sounds wonderful.

    The news keeps getting better as it as also been confirmed that RIM has taken a step away from the black and chrome from the phones and the black matte of the Playbook. Another interesting piece of news is that the physical keyboard version of the BlackBerry 10 phone is in the last stage of production. All very interesting and exciting news!! Makes me all excited for the end of summer. Let's hope the wait goes by quickly.

    Let's all hope that things keep moving ahead of schedule and we all get the BlackBerry 10 phone in our hands sooner than later!


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