• BlackBerry 10 OS To Support Microsoft ActiveSync, No BES

    RIM's new BlackBerry 10 devices should be rolling out sometime later this year, and there are still questions about how exactly is it going to integrate into existing enterprise BlackBerry infrastructure. Will organization Administrators still have the same type of awkward meeting they had with the introduction of the PlayBook? How will BB 10 devices fit in to a current BlackBerry infrastructure? These are all questions CIO's, IT Admin's, and BES Admins are all asking.

    BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

    Some of these questions were answered by RIM's VP of Enterprise Product Management Alan Panezi. BlackBerry 10 devices will not work on existing versions of BES. So what does this mean? Is this another barrier that RIM has to overcome?

    The answer is no. Enter BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, RIM's most advanced mobile administration solution to date. This is a game changer and what will set RIM miles apart from it's competitors. It is also what will mange BB 10 devices, and iOS and Android devices. This is a big deal among many organizations today, because they are plagued with many different mobile devices. With Mobile Fusion organizations can forget about the nightmare of trying to keep track of the array of mobile devices.

    RIM currently has BlackBerry Mobile Fusion available as a 90 day trial, and it is a PlayBook only version. Why make the switch? Mobile device variety, it is here to stay and is not going anywhere. More CEO's and Executives want to have the mobile device of their choice and that does not always include a BlackBerry. This has created a huge issue for IT staff as they now have to figure out a way to maintain device accountability and security. Mobile Fusion will solve that issue. Security is another advantage, but there is no need to harp it because its clear that RIM will have that area covered.


    PlayBook owners rejoiced with the release of PlayBook OS 2.0, as it provided them with the ability to connect with their company's Exchange Server using ActiveSync. ActiveSync will also be available on BB 10 devices, oh the joys of plug and play type setups. Organizations can breath a sigh of relief as, their BlackBerry users will now be able to sync their devices much like their Android and Apple colleagues.

    ActiveSync also eliminates the need for a BES server. However, ease of use mean something has to be sacrificed in this case its security. Although ActiveSync provides an almost care free way of connecting BB 10 devices to an organization, it does leave a certain amount of exposure that some organizations may frown on. Once again, this is ware BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will come into play. Those organizations can simply use it to meet their security requirements.

    Together ActiveSync and BlackBerry Mobile fusion will take the BB 10 devices to a new level of security and performance.

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