• BlackBerry 10 Native SDK Beta 3 Is Now Available For Download

    Its finally here! The long awaited BlackBerry 10 SDK Beta 3 is now available for download. Amongst the features showcased in today's address, this Beta version comes with

    BBM Social Platform

    You can now engage users with the social features of BlackBerry Messenger by connecting your app with the BBM API's. Access BBM contact lists and profiles, invite BBM contacts to download your app, or allow users to update and broadcast achievements to their profile, all within your app.

    Calendar, Contacts, and Email

    You can now take advantage of a richer integration with PIM apps in BlackBerry 10. Your app can now add calendar entries, contacts, messages, notebooks, and more. This allows your app to work seamlessly with the core apps we use everyday.

    UI additions and improvements

    There have been many improvements to UI controls, for example the tab menu, action menu, and navigation pane. Other enhancements include updates to the text field and text area elements, the ability to choose from new new font sizes, and much more.

    There are tons more bugfixes and updates, so be sure to check out the BlackBerry Developer page.

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