• BlackBerry 10 Media Player, Home Screen And Clock Slides Also Show Up

    The homescreen experience is possibly the most underrated part of any OS. It's the most viewed and frequented area that any smartphone user has. It seems BlackBerry 10 will completely look different in this aspect from what we've grown accustomed to with the current line up of devices. And we're kind of excited about it, to be honest.

    The BlackBerry 10 homescreen will feature the last four running/used apps for easy access to whatever you utilize the most at that time. This is huge for people that are constantly needing to access certain key areas of their phones at only specific intervals. Absolutely brilliant in my opinion.

    The unified Messages inbox also looks awesome. It brings together the familiarity of the BlackBerry Messages app will still giving it that new lift that it has so desperately needed.

    The Media Player on BlackBerry 10 will also be improved. A smart feature has been added which will make that experience much more enjoyable.

    We can also see that the video chat integration will be much deeper as well. It'll be part of the "Call Logs" (rightfully so) and be easily accessible as well.

    Last but not least is the Clock UI on BB10. The redesigned clock looks amazing and defiinitely shows such attention to detail that we simply couldn't be more impressed.

    So what do you think? Do you like the direction RIM is taking their BlackBerry 10 OS?

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