• BlackBerry 10 Lock-Screen And "Cinnamon Toasts" Slides Leaked

    I've been hearing about this lock-screen on BlackBerry 10 for about as long as I can remember and finally some pictures have leaked. These BlackBerry 10 slides show us what it will be like to use future BlackBerry devices when it comes to locking/unlocking and reading notifications when a device is idle.

    Apparently, to unlock the device, one will simply have to swipe up from the bottom bezel (no more unlocking from bezel to bezel it seems), or actually press the unlock/lock button.

    My favorite leaked slide has to be what's being called "Cinnamon Toasts." When a BB10 device receives a new message and is picked up the screen will automatically turn on and display a small part of the new notification. Upon tilting it more, it will show a little bit more of the message, and so on and so forth.

    The security features will take precedent though if a password is enabled and the toasts features will not work if that's the case unless the phone is unlocked.

    I am absolutely loving what I am seeing from BlackBerry 10 so far. What do you think?

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