• BlackBerry 10 Last Chance Portathon Reaches Over 19K Apps In 36 Hours!

    Here is a insane number. RIM has been able to conjure up over 42K apps via developers from the last five BlackBerry 10 Portathons!

    Here is an even more insane statistic. Over 19K of those apps have just been submitted during the last 36 hours in this BlackBerry 10 Last Chance Portathon! And that isn't even the final tally. RIM has extended the deadline to submit apps for two additional hours. Looks like we'll be reaching over 20K apps easily by the time it's all over. This may put RIM above the 100K app mark for the launch of BlackBerry 10 on Jan 30th. A feat that no other platform has attained before launch.

    We'll update you with the final number of apps submitted as soon as we know. Stay tuned...

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