• BlackBerry 10 Jam Waterloo Registration Reopened, Larger Venue Secured (Updated)

    Research In Motion announced new dates for their BlackBerry Jam World Tour yesterday. Before you could even say "BlackBerry 10 Jam" though, the Waterloo venue was sold out. Many were sad at not even being able to register for this event and RIM has now made a lot of people happy again.

    The tweet above was just sent out by the man, Alec Saunders, letting us know that registration has been reopened as RIM has been able to lock down a larger venue and thus host more devs!

    So if you were unable to register yesterday for BlackBerry Jam Kitchener-Waterloo, make sure you go do that right now by clicking here.

    Happy jammin'!

    Update - As of last night, the Jam sessions for Waterloo was once again all sold out, we hope you were able to grab a ticket!

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