• BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Currently At $2,000 On eBay - Still One Day Of Bidding Left!

    We previously reported about a week ago that BlackBerry Dev Alpha devices had started to show up for sell on eBay. The devices were sold upwards toward $1,000. However, don't let that number startle you, because there is yet another Dev Alpha device going at the current bidding price of $2,000! Which still has one day left of bidding as well.

    Call it a bidding war, or perhaps BlackBerry 10 starving fans. This is one price that only a few would dare pay. Especially with the BlackBerry 10 launch so close.

    How much would you be wiling to pay for a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device? Feel free to jump in on the bidding, if you dare!

    Source: BerryThai

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