• Is BlackBerry 10 For Consumers Or Enterprise?

    With all the talk revolving around RIM's next generation mobile platform BlackBerry 10, you may find yourself wondering where exactly does this device fit in. Is it more for business users or will I be able to use it for entertainment as well? Historically, BlackBerry devices have been linked to business use, and have never been able to fully break through that connection. Today with BlackBerry 10, we see a new vision from the folks at RIM that is focused on both market shares.

    For Consumers


    As consumers continue to migrate towards Apple, and Android devices, it leaves little room for current BlackBerry devices to appeal to those that are finding all the bells and whistles on other platforms. While RIM did wet the appetite of BlackBerry loyalists with OS7, it failed to make any significant impact on consumers as a whole.

    RIM's new BlackBerry 10 platform was built with everyday consumers in mind. It was designed for a true multitasking experience that most users expect in today's world of mobile computing.

    Multitasking is something that really does set BlackBerry 10 away from the rest of the pack, and it's also what will reconnect BlackBerry devices with non enterprise consumers. The days of multitasking being confined to just the business world are over. The BlackBerry 10 OS will provide users with a true multithreaded, multitasking environment that will allow them to run multiple applications at a time. With BlackBerry 10, users will see that their applications will be tiled, presenting them with more than one application open at a time in one window. Whats even more intuitive is that these applications are still running while being tiled. Being able to mange more than one application on a smartphone efficiently is something that will appeal to many consumers.

    Quality Apps

    RIM has made it one of their top priorities to ensure that there will be plenty of apps available upon the launch of BlackBerry 10. For consumers, having their favorite apps and finding new ones is a very important part of their mobile experience. If a mobile device does not have the apps they want or does not have a good enough app selection, then they become quickly turned off and go with another mobile device.

    BlackBerry 10 is expected to have somewhere around 100,000 apps at launch; the most for any new smartphone at launch time. Although RIM is focused on delivering a wide variety of new apps they are also focusing on the quality of those apps as well. In an interview with Reuters RIM CEO Thorsten Heins stated that his company has "done 30 jam conferences in various cities all around the world, to get the bucket filled with meaningful local apps and not just a huge bunch of applications that you collect and throw at your audience."

    In the long run, RIM is looking for quality over quantity. BlackBerry 10 will most likely still fall short as far as the numbers of apps available in its App World compare to its competitors, but the apps that will be available will be top quality. One only has to take a small stroll through the Google Play store to realize that there are many apps that are essentially the same thing. Do consumers really need over 1,000 apps that allow them to play checkers? "We don't have 1,500 Solitaire apps. That is not what Blackberry is about." Heins also said.

    A new camera experience

    With BlackBerry 10, RIM will finally be giving its devices a camera experience that is like no other. BlackBerry 10's camera app will have a built in feature called Time Shift that will allow users to multi-shoot an object and then pick the image that they like. This is an excellent feature that allows users to get that perfect picture. Although full specifications about the new devices have not been released, it is safe to assume that the camera pixel quality will also be modernized.

    A smart-keyboard

    One of the things that attract consumers to a mobile device is the way that they can interact with devices keyboard. Being able to type quickly and efficiently is something that has lacked in devices that are all touch. Like the rest of the OS, RIM has also completely rebuilt the keyboard experience for its new devices.

    The keyboard on BlackBerry 10 is a smart-keyboard. The keyboard learns from user input and then suggests words accordingly. So if a user is typing the word "yes," the keyboard will display the word "yes" in small letters and all that needs to be done to enter that word is to simply swipe up into the direction of the displayed word. This does take some getting used to, but with practice many users will find themselves typing faster. Like the apps, this is something that will appeal to consumers as well.

    For Enterprise

    While BlackBerry 10 has addressed the needs of consumers, does it address the needs of the enterprise? It does. BlackBerry 10 is designed with the enterprise in mind, while still making a strong appeal to consumers that are looking for a smartphone for personal use. BlackBerry 10 is the perfect balance between business and personal use.

    BlackBerry Balance

    Perhaps one of the most innovative features that BlackBerry 10 will be capable of is the ability to separate work from play. This can be done using a technology from RIM called BlackBerry Balance. BlackBerry Balance will allow enterprise IT to partition off users data on their BlackBerry 10 device; essentially creating two separate areas on the device, one for personal data and one for corporate data. The data is partitioned off in a way that data from either side can not "leak" on to one side or the other. This way users can use their BlackBerry 10 device as both their personal and business phone. This makes everyone happy as users do not have to carry around two phones or worry about their personal phone being connected to the corporate network, and IT management can get a better grip on BYOD.


    Security is something that RIM is known for and its staying that way. Both enterprise and casual users can be assured that their data is being housed on one of the most secure devices on the planet. That's a luxury that many other smartphone users simply wont have. Even before its launch BlackBerry 10 has already become FIPS 140-2 certified.

    Ease of use

    Finally, through the use of the ActiveSync, companies that do not have an MDM solution, but do have a messaging server that can introduce their BlackBerry 10 devices with ease. Organizations that are looking for a more robust management solution can utilize RIM's BES 10 service solution, scheduled to be released around the same time as the new BlackBerry 10 devices.

    BlackBerry 10 will be the perfect balance between consumers and enterprises. RIM has built a new platform from the ground up addressing its need to cater to consumers that are looking for the "wow" factor within smartphones. The company has maintained its strong foundation in the enterprise by building a device that will be ready to take on the demands of the corporate user.

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