• BlackBerry 10 Browser Leaves Desktop Browsers In The Dust

    Sometimes acquiring small start-up companies can be a gamble, but in this case, RIM made an excellent choice in acquiring Torch Mobile over three years ago. We have seen the progress of the BlackBerry Browser starting with the AT&T/RIM collaboration that came to be named after the company, the 9800 Torch. This was the first BlackBerry to feature a WebKit browser. Although it was a nice improvement from the previous horrid WAP browser that came before, there was still much room for improvement. With the addition of liquid graphics technology, and lots of hard work from the Torch Mobile team, the BlackBerry 7 Browser became another milestone for BlackBerry.

    Fast forward to BBJam Americas, where we learned more about the new BlackBerry 10 Browser. We knew it was pretty good even before we knew the Dev Alpha existed but an HTML5 browser built with HTML5 was just orgasmic.

    This week, an article published on Cnet quotes RIM's VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, touting the BlackBerry 10 browser as being the best of the best of the best, sir!

    He told Joseph Hanlon of Cnet:

    We have a more [HTML5] standards-compliant browser than anybody else. It beats every desktop browser, it beats every mobile browser, it beats every tablet browser, when you start to measure the scores.
    And we couldn't agree more. As we've seen by the demos at BBJam Americas and now BBJam Asia, this is huge news for HTML5 developers since it gives them the assurance that their apps can have the robust native app feel without having to learn another coding environment.

    This year RIM also announced being Ringmark compliant as well, making this browser that much more special. It sure feels good to continue hearing positive news leading up to the launch event in January, so if you hear anything be sure to share it in the forums!

    via: Cnet

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