• BlackBerry 10 App Spotlight: Twitter For BlackBerry

    Next to BBM, the app I used the most on my Bold was Twitter for BlackBerry. I was on it all the time. Logically, when I picked up my new Z10, I was expecting the Twitter for BlackBerry experience to be enhanced entirely. Unfortunately, it's been quite the opposite so far. It pains me to say it, but Twitter for BlackBerry on BlackBerry 10 is plain and simply awful.

    The Timeline and Settings On Twitter for BlackBerry 10

    The biggest annoyance with T4BB10 (as I will refer to it from now on) is that the timeline simply does not work. With the current version,, if you want to refresh your timeline manually, the "pull to refresh" function doesn't work. You have to actually close the app and reopen it to see new tweets.

    There's no automatic refresh of your timeline either like in the Twitter for BlackBerry for OS 7. Believe it or not, there isn't even a way to delete one of your tweets on T4BB10. Utterly, unbelievable.

    One of the features that was just introduced for Twitter for BlackBerry on BB7, the ability to see retweets, follows, adds to lists; etc, is also not present in BlackBerry 10. It's very strange to see a BlackBerry 10 native app having less functionality than the BlackBerry 7 variant of it.

    The settings in T4BB10 are also laughable. You can't do anything on them unfortunately. You can't edit your profile at all. Not your display picture, cover photo, bio, location, nothing.

    Integration with the Hub is cool, but it needs more features

    Not all is absolutely terrible with T4BB10. Hub integration is definitely awesome, but even the coolest part of this app has it flaws. Gone are the days of the "@(twitterhandle) has # mentions" notification. Now, every single mention gets pushed to the BlackBerry Hub as an individual "message" per say. You can delete the mention from your Hub if you choose to, but it doesn't go away on its on after checking it like it would on T4BB.

    Something that's very strange about T4BB10's integration with the Hub is that if you get a mention and want to retweet it, you can't. The option is simply not there to do so in the Hub. You have to actually open the Twitter for BlackBerry app, go to the Connect tab, open the mention, and retweet it from there.

    It can be fixed

    Twitter for BlackBerry has been my favorite client for a long time. I even had a whole comparison post between it and UberSocial and SocialScope. I like the classic Twitter UI and the feel of the native app, but right now, it just doesn't work how it needs to.

    So far everything that's been mentioned here is fixable with a software update and few UI changes. That's what's helping me stay somewhat positive about the future of BlackBerry 10's native Twitter client.

    Come on BlackBerry, give me that update and bring Twitter for BlackBerry back to the top of the client list once again.

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