• BlackBerry 10 App Spotlight: Foursquare For BlackBerry

    Foursquare is one of the most popular social networks in the world. With over 20 million users, a good chunk of them BlackBerry users, a good native BlackBerry 10 app experience is a must, and they have delivered.

    The Foursquare timeline/home looks very familiar to any BlackBerry user that has used this app before on the legacy OS. It contains three main tabs at the bottom: Friends, Explore, and Me.

    Checking In

    At the top right hand corner, you will see the Check-In icon. This icon is visible and clickable from pretty much any screen you can be on at any point in time. Whether you're looking at a friend's profile, check-in, or exploring nearby spots, you can always check-in using this dedicated icon. The GPS is usually pretty good at finding my location and suggesting nearby venues that I may be at to check-in. However, searching for a specific venue is my preferred method because it's simply quicker, I feel.

    From a place's page, you can actually check-in, leave a tip, like, or unlike the place, and see which of your friends (if any) have been there, and how many times.

    Go to Address

    At the bottom of the venue page, you will also have the option to "Go to Address." This option is pretty amazing. It will grab the venue's address, open the Maps app and enable user to get driving directions to this specific place. It works pretty well after the last update. It's one of the coolest features this app has and shows how deeply integrated with the OS, Foursquare for BlackBerry is.

    The Friends tab

    The Friends section of the app is the "timeline." It shows you in a chronological order who has checked in where. You can like or comment on friends' check ins from here as well.

    The Explore tab

    The Explore tab is designed to help you check out new places that are popular in your area that you may not have visited before. Foursquare will use your GPS location to identify the coolest venues around and suggest them to you by distance and by popularity among friends.

    The Me tab

    The Me tab is the user's profile. It contains your friends, stats, badges, photos you've taken, lists, tips you've left, your recent check-ins and your settings.

    All in all, Foursquare for BlackBerry takes the spot for the best, most complete native app on BlackBerry 10. It's not missing any features from any competing OS' Foursquare app, and the bugs are pretty minimal since the last update. It's also BBM integrated, making it the only one out of the top 4 social networks on BlackBerry 10 (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn) to support it right now. That's a huge plus. If you've been considering joining Foursquare, BlackBerry 10's app will definitely prove to be one of the best experiences out there, so start checking in!

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