• BlackBerry 10 App Spotlight: Facebook For BlackBerry

    Next to Twitter, Facebook may be the second most used social network app on my BlackBerry. With the bad time that I've had using Twitter for BlackBerry 10, I was hoping Facebook for BlackBerry 10 would bring a different experience to the Z10, and it does.

    Facebook for BlackBerry 10 is incredibly fluid, smooth and plain and simply works. It's not without its bugs or issues (which we'll cover), but I personally love using it.

    The News Feed

    The Facebook News Feed is laid out the way we typically expect it to be on mobile. Scrolling up and down the timeline is seamless, and the loading of older posts is also pretty quick.

    While you can, obviously, "like" and comment on friend's posts, one of the most obvious missing features is the "share" ability. Hopefully, that's something that comes in a future update.


    If you come across a friend's pictures post, you can actually scroll sideways and get a quick view of what each picture looks like. If you want to zoom in and get a full screen view of the pictures, they load pretty instantly and go through them is completely painless.

    Posting on Facebook for BlackBerry 10 is pretty straightforward. It's easy to check-in, post a picture, or tag a friend in your status, and you can also set how public or private each post is as well.


    Messaging on Facebook for BlackBerry 10 is pretty good. The interface is nice and it has worked for me on all fronts so far. The one gripe I have with the BlackBerry 10 app is that there's no "online chat" available. You can send messages at your hearts content, but the app doesn't take advantage of its own Chat feature.

    The bad

    Unfortunately, not all is great with Facebook for BlackBerry 10, though. Like with Twitter, Facebook is severely limited with what the user can edit on his/her profile. Truthfully, the user is limited to not being able to edit anything. You can't change your profile picture, cover photo, delete pictures, messages, statuses or pretty much anything else that requires a change action.

    Facebook for BlackBerry 10 also doesn't support search yet. If you're looking to add someone and want to look for them, it's not going to happen on Facebook for BlackBerry 10.

    The biggest issue with Facebook for BlackBerry 10 though, has to be that at times, the News Feed is completely out of order. Sometimes, it will show me posts from 3 or 4 days before, and will completely miss the most recent posts instead. The one "fix" for this bug is to pull out the menu and sort your feed by one of your lists (Friends, Family, etc), open the menu and then go back to News Feed. This refreshing technique seems to get rid of the mixed order bug on Facebook for BlackBerry 10.

    Like Twitter for BlackBerry 10, Facebook for BlackBerry 10 has some beefing up to do before it can match the native app experience we were used to on BlackBerry 7. Nevertheless, it has only been out officially for less than 10 days so we can definitely expect these fixes to be implemented soon. Until then, Facebook for BlackBerry 10 definitely offers a solid Facebook experience for anyone that uses the most popular social network in the world.

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