• BlackBerry 10.3.1 Coming To Rogers BlackBerry 10 Devices Later This Month

    It's no surprise that BlackBerry is set to release OS 10.3.1 to existing BlackBerry 10 devices (Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30) in later this month, and now it seems that some carriers might be more proactive with passing along the information to their subscribers.

    Rogers has updated their Upcoming OS Release Form to show that all BlackBerry 10 devices will be updated to 10.3.1 at some point during February 2015. We do know that the BlackBerry Classic already received an update to on Rogers, but our sources are telling us that will likely be the OS that will be seen for all the remaining BlackBerry 10 devices.

    Any guesses to which of the remaining 22 days will be the 10.3.1 release/launch date?

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