• Beta Zone Releases Desktop Software v7.1 Beta - Now Support For Dev Alpha & 4G PlayBook

    RIM has just released DM v7.1 Beta in the Beta Zone. Biggest additions with this new version is the support for 4G PlayBooks and BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices. Since the release of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, there have been some issues arising for developers. Some have experienced Android Player issues, while others have bricked their devices by using the wiping option. This update to Desktop Software v7.1 Beta is suppose to alleviate these issues.

    Here is the changelog for v7.1 Beta:
    - Media sync enhancements including individual selection, sync by album, and customizable columns in collections mode
    - Support for 4G PlayBooks
    - Support for new BlackBerry 7 OS devices
    - Major bug fixes and PIM sync improvements as highlighted in the Release Notes (in downloads section)

    For Developers:
    - Support for BB10 Alpha Developer devices

    Developers will be able to update their Dev Alpha devices as soon as RIM releases a update into the community. My guess is that it's not that far off. We'll keep you posted when they do.

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