• Best Buy USA Now Showing Their BlackBerry 10 Webpage

    February is in its last days, and come March, we should be seeing the BlackBerry Z10 launching in the biggest market in the world, the U.S. Today, Best Buy has gone live with their BlackBerry 10 info webpage, and they show off pretty much everything the Z10 has to offer.

    The page highlights 4 key aspects of BlackBerry: the Hub, the keyboard, the camera, and BBM. Each highlight is accompanied by a short video which shows off the feature in a pretty cool commercial-like way.

    Unfortunately, those highlights are the only real info we get. No release dates, price, or carrier availability are given, but we're hoping this page gets updated soon with more.

    Make sure you check the BlackBerry 10 page at Best Buy USA's website and let us know what you think about what could possibly be future BB10 commercials in the states.

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