• Best Buy USA Dramatically Reducing PlayBook Prices

    Finally my dear heart's dreams have come true! Best Buy USA has finally dropped the BlackBerry PlayBook prices on all three sizes. While the picture is obviously a typo on Best Buy's part, the actual prices are as follows:
    • 16GB - $200
    • 32GB - $230
    • 64GB - $300
    Could that get any better? I don't think so. As soon as I saw this, I immediately went to the Best Buy website to check this out for myself. My own local store did not show these numbers, but two things did catch my eye. One, all three show that they are "On Sale" and two, the 16GB and 64GB are on backorder, which means that they have just been bought, and have been bought at a rapid rate. If I'm not mistaken, that most definitely proves that these prices are valid. While the online store claims that the PlayBooks are on backorder, there have been a few folks that have spread the word that their local Best Buy stores actually do currently have PlayBooks left in stock to buy right away. If I wasn't stuck at the library right now preparing for school, I'd be high tailing it over to my own Best Buy to buy one for myself! Better yet, I'm going to pass the word along to my lovely parents to so they'll purchase one for me as a holiday and/or birthday gift.
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