• Bell Teases The BlackBerry Priv In Atlantic Canada Flyer

    Bell is really trying to push their LTE-Advanced network in Atlantic Canada, as they've started shipping out flyers to promote it's theoretical speed of 220 megabits per second.

    What is quite interesting is that the Priv By BlackBerry is present on the front page of this flyer!

    The LTE-Advanced network is currently available in several Canadian cities, including Toronto, London, Calgary, Vancouver, Fredericton, Sydney, Charlottetown and Halifax.

    This is quite an unorthodox way of confirming an upcoming device is coming to their lineup, but we are sure that many Canadians are rejoicing.

    Does this mean Bell is releasing the Priv by BlackBerry in the upcoming weeks? Let us know in the comments below!
    Source: MobileSyrup

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