• Bell Brings LTE To A Dozen Additional Canadian Locations

    With the vast size of Canadian land totaling over 9,984,670 km2 (3,854,085 sq mi), it's hard to have wireless carriers bringing the most updated wireless networks to all subscribers. Bell seems to be making it an almost weekly effort to expand it's LTE coverage, as it has added an additional 11 locations this week (including my hometown of Timmins):

    British Columbia:
    • Fort Nelson

    • Brockville/Gananoque
    • Grand Bend beaches
    • Sault Ste Marie
    • Stratford
    • Tilsonburg
    • Timmins

    • Rouyn-Noranda

    Nova Scotia:
    • Truro

    • Corner Brook
    • Labrador City
    For several of the locations mentioned, it would seem that LTE coverage has also been pushed to TELUS subscribers as both carriers have roaming agreement for those locations.

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