• Behind The Scenes Video Of The BlackBerry Z10 SuperBowl Commercial

    So now that the SuperBowl has come and gone, there has been a lot of speculation as to whether BlackBerry's SuperBowl ad had the right pizzazz to woo the millions of viewers. I personally thought the commercial was creative, and understand what BlackBerry was trying to accomplish. Well, sort of. Hear me out...

    Given that BlackBerry 10 is still relatively not known to many in the North American market, I think they should have dazzled the viewers with a few of the key features (time shift camera, keyboard, flow). This was their chance to show the BlackBerry 10 ignorant American market their first quick demo of the BlackBerry Z10. But rather they put their trust in those mostly intoxicated viewers to jump out of their couch cushions and Google the Z10 based on what they don't know about it. This may work for some of those that remembered the commercial. We are talking about the average viewer here. Not BB power users like you and me.

    I remember the Storm commercials. They were awesome, and everyone had to have a Storm. That was the peak of BlackBerry in 2009. Let's hope we get that same marketing again with Verizon and the Z10.

    First impressions are crucial. Not saying that BlackBerry blew it this time. Just that it wasn't what it could have been. However, the real campaign for BlackBerry 10 starts now. So bring on the awesome commercials!

    Take a look at the behind the scenes video below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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