• Become Part Of The BlackBerry Keep Moving Project With Author Neil Gaiman

    Author, Neil Gaiman, has embarked on a unique project to write 12 short stories that he will call a "Calendar of Tales." To inspire him, he tweeted questions to his fans using his BlackBerry Z10, asking for their ideas and engaging them in a conversation about the project.

    The last time I wrote about the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project with Neil Gaiman, the twelve tales were about to be written. With the help of Neil's followers on Twitter, he used their tweets as inspiration in writing these short stories. You can download all twelve tales in pdf format. And I must say, they are awesome. Once I finished reading the January tale, I moved onto February, and before I knew it I had finished the entire calendar year of tales. Great writing! But this is not the end of the Keep Moving Project with Neil Gaiman. Read on for how you can contribute and become a part of these twelve tales:

    You’ve inspired Neil. The twelve tales are written. But words are only half the story – now Neil wants your help bringing them to life. The next step is to illustrate them.
    Watch the video to get some tips on what Neil is looking for. Read and download the stories, then let your imagination run riot.

    Whether it’s a sketch, photo or doodle, using paint, ink or collage, upload your artwork for a chance to feature in the digital showcase and the printed, limited edition of A Calendar of Tales .
    Check out the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub for more on how you can become part of "A Calendar Of Tales" by Neil Gaiman.

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