• BeBuzz Pro For BlackBerry 10 Now Available In BlackBerry World

    One of my favorite apps from BlackBerry 7 has made its way to BlackBerry 10. BeBuzz is an extremely popular app that lets you change your LED, adjust how your phone vibrates, sounds, and a few other cool features.

    For its first version, BeBuzz Pro for BlackBerry 10 is bringing LED customization to the Z10. Unfortunately, since BlackBerry 10's APIs don't allow it to run in the background, in order for BeBuzz to work, it has to be open in an active frame. This could definitely get a little annoying for some, but if you don't mind it, make sure you pick it up.

    Bellshare, the makers of BeBuzz Pro, have promised that as soon as this new functionality becomes available on BlackBerry 10, they will update the app at no cost. If you want to give BeBuzz a run, check out the link below!

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