- BeBuzz 10 Pro Gets Updated - New Features & Fixes
  • BeBuzz 10 Pro Gets Updated - New Features & Fixes

    The popular notification app by BellShare, BeBuzz 10 Pro, has been updated with new features and fixes. It's nice to see this update come shortly after the release. Much needed improvements! See the full changelog below:

    * Added support for per-contact missed call notifications
    * New feature ‘E-Mail Auto Sync’ when entering/exiting Hub to keep e-mail accounts always in sync. Especially useful if you use e-mail on multiple devices/computers. Instantly propagates all changes you make to e-mail on your BlackBerry back to your e-mail account (and vice versa).
    * Added battery indicator option for active frame. Shows time to full/empty or available memory.
    * Active frame can be set to show app logo, contacts or the new battery indicator
    * Added 7 more color options
    * BBM support now offering two modes (Default, Alternative). Switch to ‘Alternative’ if BBM does not work.
    * Making notification sound volume configurable. Includes setting to use system default volume.
    * Muting of notifications while the Hub is open now configurable
    * Clearing notifications on device unlock now configurable
    * Added setting to select what message actions should be shown in popups
    * Added 5s flash interval option for coverage indicator
    * Fixed vibrate configuration not persisteed after exiting app
    * Fixed bedside mode settings not being observed
    * Fixed text message reading out phone number instead of contact name
    * Improved LED flash timing and reliability
    * Other minor fixes, spelling errors

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