• Bbt's Aura v2.0 | New dock, more intuitive than ever

    Take control of your device like never before. Aura's highly intuitive design makes it easy to customize your homescreen. Also features Bbt's Signature Options Panel.

    • - Easy to use.
    • - Includes a link to the Aura FAQ section!
    • - Entirely flexible homescreen, just click the arrows
    • - Hideable weather slot, hideable sliding dock and hideable today area.
    • - Dynamic Today Area - Swipe left/right to reveal more items (available on Touch and Non-touch!)
    • - Banner is clickable - Notifications, Clock, Signal, Battery and Profiles!
    • - Crisp, high-quality graphics.
    • - Bbt's Options Panel lets you customize the color and transparency of your homescreen!
    • - Available with OS6.1 icons or custom icons.
    • - Hand-coded homescreen means Aura is fast, flexible and clean!

    Price was $5.99 - get it now for only $3.00!

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