• BBOS How To: BlackBerry Profiles Expanded - Notifications, Alerts, and Sounds

    One of the things people love about BlackBerry smartphones is how customizable they are. It's also one of the things they miss the most when they jump ship to the "other fruit." One of the greatest examples of how customizable BlackBerrys are can be seen within the Profile management system that's included in OS 6 and 7. This profile system has been around pretty much forever on BlackBerry devices but with the arrival of OS 6, it got a lot easier to do some pretty awesome things.

    When I got my first BlackBerry ever, AT&T Curve 8310, one of the first things that surprised me coming off of a "feature" phone was how the ringing vs vibrate functions were not controlled with the device's volume buttons. I remember literally turning around, walking back to the AT&T kiosk in the mall and asking very sheepishly how to put my phone on vibrate or turn the ringer off. The Profile system was not my favorite at first, but within the first couple of days of trying things out, I learned to love it.
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