• BBM And Your Friends... Or Are They??

    Hey everyone!! Thought I'd start my first article by introducing myself. I'm Brian aka. newshutr (News Shooter) and I was just recently added to the BlackBerryOS.com Team. I was chosen as January 2012's BlackBerry Fan of The Month and it was a total shock to be named FOTM. Yeah, I'm a HUGE BlackBerry nut and I'm so excited to see the changes that are happening and coming out from Waterloo almost on a weekly basis. I hope that I can do the site justice and help continue BlackBerryOS.com rise.

    After being named FOTM I was swamped with new BBM friend requests and in all honesty, it continues today even after three months. I was stunned at just how many people wanted to be my BBM buddy. Now having a lot of BBM contacts is not new to me. When I was a member of the now defunct my.blackberry.com forum I helped answer over 8500 people's questions. Not a huge amount of people but, I felt if I was able to help someone with their BlackBerry phone problem then I did my good deed of the day. It turned out that by helping people, the requests for BBM friendship came by the truckload. On the final count I had 587 BBM contacts!!! All just from people I had helped once or twice on the my.blackberry.com forum. I said to myself, " Self, (yeah, lame joke), you sure are popular. That's a ton of people that wanna be your friend..!!"

    Then it hit me. I never talked to these people. Not even once!!

    The culling began. It was bloody. I was ruthless. And on the BlackBerry Servers, no one can hear you scream.

    I honed my friend list down to about thirty good friends I kept up with and still do keep up with. I enjoy being able to talk to these people on a daily/weekly basis. But then came the excitement of being FOTM and the people came again to request being a BBM contact. This time however they are fewer and seem to be crawling out from under the woodwork, the fridge, the....well, you get the idea. And it seems that most of these "friends" that have hit me up have come from a certain country in the Western part of a certain continent. The coincidence is too one sided to be random. Now I'm usually a prince of a guy and if you will, I'd bank my pending inheritance of $35 million dollars that you'd never be able to guess what country it is. In truth, the past two months, eighty five to ninety percent of people requesting to be my BBM friend were from this country.

    I'm being asked questions about my personal likes and dislikes, favorite teams, kids names, etc.. Pretty much what some people would use for passwords to sites like banking, email, you get the idea. I'm stringing these guys along because I find it funny the extremes they go to to get information from you. I know there is a 'DELETE CONTACT' option and I will use it on these people soon enough. But if given a chew toy, why not gnaw on it a little before sending to to the garbage can?

    The power of the PIN is amazing. And it can be your worst nightmare at times. It brings you in touch with literally the whole world. There are apps that you can download that share your PIN with a bunch of people that have that app. Also, blindly posting your PIN online opens you up to everyone that has access to a BlackBerry phone. Keeping that in mind, remember there are good and bad people in this big blue marble that we live on. Keep your personal info just that. Personal. Be careful who you let into your inner circle. You may be talking yourself into a whole mess of trouble.

    Fortunately (maybe stupidly) I believe there are more good than bad out there on this planet.

    But I wouldn't turn my back on them...

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