• BBM Voice Introduces A New Facet Of Proper BBM Etiquette

    Now that BlackBerry Messenger 7 is out publicly, BBM Voice will surely be used by a lot more people, a lot more frequently. Since this new feature is "always on," it adds a pretty big piece to the BBM etiquette ideal that we've come to know.

    According to RIM, having the option to turn off BBM Voice or having an "unavailable" status that blocks calls, would be the equivalent of having an "invisible" status on BBM. One of the pros about BBM is that you never have to log in and you can't log out either. If your device is on, and has a valid data plan, BBM will work. Same idea applies to BBM Voice.

    For most users, BBM Voice calls may not present a problem as they keep only a small group of friends on their BBM contact lists. For others, this may not be the case.

    BBM Voice will make people that have hundreds, if not thousands, of people on BBM think twice about who they keep in their list. These are users that don't mind putting their PIN in any web forum or app that allows it; people that request and accept requests from anyone because truthfully, you can just delete them or block them if they get annoying.

    For these users, BBM Voice may not be so great right off the bat. Having people constantly call, will get quite annoying, pretty quickly. So that begs the question, do we treat BBM Voice calls the same way we would a regular call or should there be unwritten rules that apply to this facet of BlackBerry Messenger as well?

    As a regular call

    When you call someone on the phone (for those of us that still use our phones for voice calls), you typically don't think twice about it. If they answer, they answer and if not then they'll see the missed call and either text or call you back.

    The big contrast here is that people tend to call multiple times over BBM Voice, something they wouldn't really do with a regular phone call. Don't do this. Please.

    As a part of BBM

    Another school of thought suggests that we should BBM contacts before calling them over Voice. The reasoning behind this is because you don't necessarily want to bother someone, specially if they're busy at the moment. This has some merit because, again, we don't typically use the phone for calls nearly as much as we did 5 - 7 years ago.

    So what do you think? How do you/will you use BBM Voice on BBM 7? Let us know in the comments below!

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