• BBM Updated on BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android - Tonnes Of New Features

    A major BBM update is about to roll out across BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS devices today. This is the first time that all three platforms are receiving the update and there are some great features in store:

    • Glympse: Share your location with any of your friends for a limited time
    • Dropbox support: share your cloud files easily with your BBM buddies
    • 100 new emoticonThese: Can't find the words to say? These new smileys will give you the right expression no matter what your mood.

    As well as these newest features, the Android and iOS versions are catching up with the BlackBerry 10 version thanks to the introduction of BBM Channels and BBM Voice.

    BBM Channels makes BBM your social hub by bringing focused channels that brands and individuals can share and engage with their followers.

    BBM Voice lets you use your data connection to create a crystal-clear voice chat with your BBM friends on their BBM handset. Now there are no limits to talking to your friends.

    This is all a pretty big update and BlackBerry clearly want BBM to shine on any platform.

    Have you got the new version of BBM? Tell us what you think of it in the comments!

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