• BBM Update Hitting BlackBerry World Now

    Well boys and girls, get that update thumb warmed up and ready to hit your BlackBerry World icon, as a new update to BBM has been released. Version has been been pushed out and is probably waiting in your My World section of BlackBerry World. Go ahead and check, I'll wait...

    The new BBM version includes:
    • A newly redesigned "invite" screen where you can quickly and easily:
      • Add new contacts to BBM by PIN, email, SMS and barcode
      • Review and accept invites from other BBM users
      • Find friends using BBM
      • Invite address book contacts to download BBM
      • Display your barcode and scan barcodes in all one screen

    • New BBM Protected support for enterprise customers operating in Balance Work/Personal mode.
    • Chat with friends, family and colleagues on Windows phone devices
    • Bug Fixes and performance improvements

    All in all, a good day to be a BlackBerry user. Ok, lets face it...EVERY day is a good day to be a BlackBerry user.

    You can get the update via the My World area of BlackBerry World on your phone. Enjoy!

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