• BBM Stickers: Coca-Cola Indonesia Celebrates Football And It's Fans

    Coca Cola Indonesia and BlackBerry have joined up to bring a Coca-Cola football themed sticker pack to the BlackBerry users of Indonesia. Here's the catch. They're for Indonesia residents only so you won't find them in your BBM Shop say, in the USA.

    However, there is a way around the limitation. If you have a friend in Indonesia or know someone that has the Coca-Cola Indonesia sticker pack, have them send it to you and you will be able to get it on your phone. Not sure if this works world wide but I got mine from fellow BlackBerry FoTM Arisham. If you would like the sticker pack, let me know and I will send you a sticker to see if you get the BBM pack on your phone. My PIN is 3353B697 so hit me up.

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