• BBM Music User And Upgrading To BlackBerry 10? Here's What You Need To Know

    BBM Music was one of my favorite apps on BlackBerry 7. From the day it first launched in the Beta Zone until January 30th, when I got my Z10, I used BBM Music every single day. I know many of you reading this probably tried it and for whatever reason (price or music selection) opted to not use it anymore, and that's cool. However, there are/were many fans of BBM Music that, like myself, are pretty disappointed it's not on BlackBerry 10.

    Unfortunately, it seems that BBM Music is not in the cards for BlackBerry 10 at all. This makes sense because BlackBerry World now encompasses music as well, and having an app like BBM Music could deter potential music buyers on BlackBerry 10. The thing is, BBM Music is subscription-based app. So what happens when someone who uses BBM Music gets a BlackBerry 10 device that no longer supports this subscription?

    First off, a BBM Music subscription will not be automatically canceled when someone upgrades to a BlackBerry 10 device. This means if you don't cancel it yourself, you will continue to be charged.

    The obvious suggestion would be to, first of all, cancel your subscription using your old device before changing over to your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone using the steps below:
    • Open BBM Music
    • Menu > Options
    • Click first button “Account Info”
    • If listed as subscribed, the second button on the dialog that pops up should let the user “Cancel Service”

    If you've already upgraded to a BlackBerry 10 device and wish to cancel their subscription:

    • Cancel within My World in BlackBerry World

    • Or view a previous renewal email and click the enclosed link to cancel the subscription via the BlackBerry World website

    I just canceled my BBM Music subscription, and I'm sad. With new exciting changes, we must sometimes say goodbye to parts we did like. You never know, one day BlackBerry could decide to bring back BBM Music and give its users a chance to make music social again.

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