• BBM Messages On iOS Constantly Not Showing Up

    If you are using BBM on iOS and you haven't been getting your BBM messages showing up, you aren't alone. I've been back and forth from my Z10 and my 5S on BBM and have noticed that not only in groups are BBM messages not showing up, but also direct messages to me. Now, it all works fine on my Z10 like it should. But if you are a iOS user, you're are in for a sub-par BBM experience.

    As shown in the above image, I posted an example of a message from JT showing up in our BBOS Bloggers BBM Group at 1:16 on my Z10, but is absent from my iPhone 5S. The message will simply never show. Keep in mind that I did get a notification for the message on my 5S, but when I open the app to read it... nada.

    Hopefully the BBM team will get a fix on this ASAP, as making BBM into a successful multi-platform messaging service means having it first work properly in the basic function of sending and receiving messages. We are reaching out to BlackBerry to try and get a response as to the cause of this issue.

    Anyone else on a Android or iOS device not getting their BBM messages? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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