• BBM To Make Debit Cards A Thing Of The Past?

    Thorsten Heins remains "laser focused" in getting the necessary support for BB10 from global partners in his latest tour through Asia. The Jakarta Post reports RIM CEO "tickled" the attendee's curiosity when he mentioned money transactions in his latest appearance in Jakarta.

    For RIM this move makes a lot of sense. In the emerging market where the BlackBerry is still a popular choice, getting a hold of a credit card is much more difficult and having the option to make cash-less transactions would greatly improve the livelyhood of many people.

    Specifically for Jakarta however, Heins mentioned that RIM was continuously innovating new services for BBM to become “a very strong platform not just for communication, but also to make it a strong platform for [e-commerce]”. The Jakarta Post mentioned that in Indonesia BBM users have been known to create BBM groups to buy and sell goods, including fashion articles, but were limited to conventional payment methods.

    Heins later added:

    “Think about transacting money. This is one element in which you could have a huge BBM population in Indonesia transferring money from one partner to another,” he said. Heins added that the heavy usage of BBM by BlackBerry smartphone owners in Indonesia made the country “so important” as an “innovation ground for BBM”.
    It's still not very clear how all these details will play out since Mr. Heins declined to comment further on the matter, saying that he'd still like to “keep a few surprises for the Indonesian consumer as well.”

    In closing, Heins mentioned having received positive feedback from Indonesia's major carriers--Telkomsel, Indosat and XL--saying they preferred to carry more variety in operating systems other than iOS and Android.

    We are all excited to see BlackBerry 10 launch on time with a full-featured OS, and this new information is further evidence that BB10 will come in January and NOT delayed as some analysts have suggested.

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